FW18 is “Brooklyn Xuligan”

a brooklyn XULIGAN (hoo·li·gan) is a playfully MISCHIEVOUS person who often gets in trouble for all the right reasons.
Sailor Jerry tattoos and the intersection of Russian & Asian culture in South Brooklyn form the basis of the embellishments.
the core of the collection is our double knit tracksuit embroidered with the "Brooklyn Xuligan" motif. The focal point of the motif is the lada A.k.a zhiguli car, which was one of the very few options of vehicles during the soviet times. the car inspires nostalgia in people from former soviet countries because it was one of the few reliable things during that hard time.
The core is then built upon with twin twill flight suits in complementing colors with heavily embroidered back pieces.
Twill Button up shirt with a striking full color embroidery of a tiger, representing the notion of fearlessness.
oversized suede bomber with a sleek embroidery of a sailor jerry black panther, REPRESENTING dexterity.
wolf in stylized sailor jerry style representing the common but false notion that wolves run with alpha leaders, when in reality wolves travel in equal & supporting groups. this idea connects into the notion of “bzb” (brat za brata or brother for brother) which is a concept we always return to in our work.
The collection is topped off with another twin set of the label look, a sweatsuit paired with a matching topcoat.

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